Tao and I are proud to be supported by some amazing people and companies. We are so grateful and honoured to be able to promote such fantastic products and services. Please find more information about them below. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please send me an email to info@lucychesterhorsemanship.com 

Ellie Osborne Photography

Ellie is a talented photographer and comes to as many of our events as she can to take photos. She is friendly, professional and always gets the shots I hoped for. She quickly makes you feel at ease on a shoot and is passionate about her job. Ellie covers equestrian events as well as individual photoshoots (that are very reasonably priced for the quality of the images and service provided). 

David Dyer Saddles

David and his team are professional, friendly and excellent at what they do. They have sponsored my beautiful Bates Dressage saddle that they carefully fitted. David and his team come highly recommended as Master Saddlers

A Holistic Solution

Suz Crichton-Stuart uses exceptionally gentle and profoundly effective hands on bodywork to ease pain and improve your horse's performance. She uses Reikie, Craniosacral Therapy and Equine Touch to keep Tao and I on top form! We both benefit from her treatments and she comes highly recommended. 


Musto kindly provide my amazing kit. It keeps me warm and dry while teaching.

Scoot Boots

Tao wears Scoot Boots on all 4 hooves out hacking as we live in a very stony/flinty area. He was struggling so much without them and now walks out beautifully. They've stayed on through deep water and thick mud, and we absolutely love them. Easy to put on and off and to keep clean. We highly recommend! 

Racesafe UK

Racesafe kindly keep me safe with my ProVent 3.0 body protector that I always wear out hacking. Whatever your bond, any horse can trip and fall. It's so light and comfortable, that I forget I'm wearing it! 

A to B Runners

If you're looking for professional and reliable horse transport in Surrey - look no further! Andrew, Tracey and Charlotte are lovely. Andrew was so careful driving with Tao on board, I had full confidence in him.

Aah Light

Red Light also known as Photonic Therapy is a safe, natural, non-invasive way to promote healing and control pain. This therapy has been proven to help animals as well as people. Our product emits a specialized 660nm red light which can be applied directly to the skin. This technology has been studied for over 40 years and produces fast relief and healing with minimal, if any, side effects. Aah Lights are sending me a red and green light for Tao's arthritis! 


Greenguard have been keeping Tao trim since 2013! I tried so many different muzzles, but this was the only one that didn't end up trashed or broken within hours. It's very open and airy, so he accepts it. He can still happily eat, drink and play but it significantly reduces his grass intake which means he can stay out in the field longer with his friends. I love this product.

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