About Me

I am a freelance instructor and horse trainer who offers lessons in groundwork, liberty and ridden work in the South East. I am fully insured by Clivertons and I am also DBS checked.


I have always been passionate about finding a better way to be with horses, and having tried a few popular styles of horsemanship over the years and realising that they didn't quite 'fit' my ethos, I decided to stop looking for humans to teach me, and turned instead to my horse, Tao.

I have developed my own style of horsemanship that focuses on communicating through quiet energy and positive reinforcement to encourage the horse to use their mind. After all, two minds are infinitely better than one and allowing the horse to have a voice opens up so many possibilities! 

I teach clients of all ages and from all disciplines. Having a good relationship with your horse makes you safer, perform better and have more fun! It is so much more enjoyable when you do things together, in harmony. Doing groundwork doesn't mean you can't ride and it doesn't mean you need to ride bareback or without a bit. It's about your mindset and how you ride/work with your horse, not what you use. I teach people with full tack as well as those without any - the principals are the same. 

Feel free to email or call me for a chat to find out more.

Photo by Lauren Cresser

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Photo by Lauren Cresser

Photo by Lauren Cresser

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